Information for exhibitors


The Danish Stem Cell Society (DASCS) hereby invite you to join us as exhibitors for the 7th Danish Stem Cell Society Conference that will take place May 2-3 2019.

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The topics of 2019 will focus on: Stem cells and tissue regeneration, Hematopoetic stem cells and genome editing, Generation of functional tissue in vitro, Cancer stem cells and precision oncology, Stem cells and personalized drug development.

To give everyone a great experience along with the professional gains, the conference will take place at beautiful Munkebjerg Hotel and Conference, just south of Aarhus,

We really appreciate if you would spare a moment to look over the Exhibitor package_2019 and naturally we hope you are able to join us as exhibitor for the 2019 Danish Stem Cell Conference.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.


Thank you for your consideration.